Mastering the Art of Pacing Over the Christmas Break

Santa Pacing at Christmas Relaxing

Anyone who knows me, knows I love Christmas. I love seeing Christmas through the eyes of my kids. I love the Christmas lights, Santa visits, delicious food and Christmas parties. I also love taking the time to wind down and spend quality time with my family and friends over the break. However, Christmas is also a whirlwind of activities and can lead to unexpected stress and exhaustion, particularly when you live with a chronic health condition. Learning to pace your activities over the Christmas period is crucial for a balanced and enjoyable summer. In this blog post, I’ll share some practical tips to help you manage your time, prioritize relaxation, and make the most of your Christmas break.

Planning Ahead – Making a List and Checking it Twice

Begin planning your Christmas break by creating a list of activities and events you and your family want to participate in. Be mindful of choosing activities that you find manageable and enjoyable. Prioritize these events and be realistic about what you can manage. Use tools like calendars or apps to schedule and keep track of you plans. Remember, it’s ok to say no sometimes and avoid overcommitting.

Balancing Activities with Relaxation – The Art of Doing Nothing

It’s essential to balance your festivities with relaxation. The Christmas break is a great time to reset and prepare for the year ahead. Schedule downtime just as you would with any other activity. What would you do? Read a book, enjoy a quiet cup of coffee? Watch a Christmas movie with the kids? These quiet moments will help set your year up for success.

Engaging in Family Activities – Fun for the Whole Family (of Friend Families)

Christmas is the perfect time to engage in fun activities with your loved ones. What activities do you enjoy doing with your friends and family? These activities not only create lasting memories, but they will fill your cup by fostering connection and help you pace your Christmas break by focusing on meaningful shared experiences rather than a busy schedule.

Managing Expectations – Keeping the Christmas Spirit Alive

Managing your expectations and the expectations of your family is really important. Have an open discussion about what is realistic and what may lead to overdoing it. A perfect Christmas is one where everyone enjoys themselves – not where you feel pressured to do too much. Enjoy the time with your loved ones rather than creating the “perfect Christmas memories”.

Pacing and Christmas may seem impossible, but by taking these simple steps you are more likely to have a symptom free Christmas break. By planning ahead, prioritizing important activities, investing time in relaxation and fun, and managing expectations, you can create a memorable and enjoyable Christmas.

How do you plan to pace your activities this Christmas?

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